Sample Itineraries

The following program is an example of an itinerary for a group visiting Israel during the summer. It is intended as a sample, as each itinerary is unique, customized to the needs and backgrounds of the group and reflecting the overall theme of each trip.

Day 1 – Bruchim Habaim-Welcome!

  • Arrive in Israel and kick off your trip with orientation and a welcome ceremony
  • Enjoy an evening in Jerusalem

Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 2 – In the Footsteps of Patriarchs and Priests

  • Explore the Kotel Tunnels and see the sites of the First and Second Temple
  • Relax and swim at the hotel
  • Visit the Israel Museum

Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 3 – Roots

  • Explore the Jewish Quarter with games
  • Experience an archaeological dig in Beit Guvrin
  • Enjoy a program and hospitality at a local Masorti/Conservative synagogue.

Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 4 – Foundations, New and Old

  • Visit Yad Lakashish – a non-profit that offers creative work opportunities for the elderly
  • Explore the Knesset Menorah
  • Enjoy a camel ride and Bedouin hospitality in Kfar Hanokdim

Overnight in Ein Bokek on the Dead Sea 

Day 5 – Freedom Fighters or Fanatics?

  • Hike up Masada
  • Take a dip in the Dead Sea and splash in the fresh waterfalls of Ein Gedi
  • Enjoy the melodies of Kabbalat Shabbat services in the Jewish Quarter or at the Kotel

Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 6 – Shabbat in Jerusalem

  • Walk to Shacharit services at a local Jerusalem synagogue
  • Experience a walking tour of Jerusalem neighborhoods
  • Enjoy a free evening on Ben Yehuda Street

Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 7 – 1948 to Today

  • Visit Latrun, the Ayalon Institute, and Tel Aviv’s Independence Hall
  • Swim in the Mediterranean 
  • Explore Old Jaffa

Overnight in Tel Aviv

Day 8 – Living as a Minority

  • Begin the day at Beit Hapalmach in Tel Aviv
  • Go to Beit Shearim, the home of the Sanhedrin
  • Visit a Druze village in Northern Israel

Overnight in the Galilee

Day 9 – Mystics and Realists

  • Explore Tzippori, one of Israel’s major archaeological sites, and Tzfat
  • Boat or swim in the Kinneret
  • Enjoy a celebratory dinner at Decks overlooking the Kinneret

Overnight in the Galilee

Day 10 – The Northern Border

  • Hike and walk at Tel Dan, a picturesque trail along one of the sources of the Jordan River 
  • Experience the majestic views of the Golan Heights 
  • Kayak along the Jordan River
  • Finish the day at a chocolate factory

Overnight in the Galilee

Day 11 – Layers of History

  • Participate in a Ramah-designed activity in the Kinneret courtyard
  • Experience a charming multi-media program at the ancient Bet Alfa
  • Enjoy a refreshing dip in the natural spring water at Sachne.  Return to Jerusalem via the Jordan River Valley

Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 12 – Those Who Made a Difference

  • Visit Yad Vashem and Mount Herzl
  • Enjoy a group dinner and Oneg Shabbat

Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 13 – This Shabbat, Next Shabbat

  • Walk to Shacharit services at a local synagogue 
  • Hear a guest speaker discuss current events
  • Engage in “This Shabbat, Next Shabbat,” an activity that encourages participants to reflect on their Israel experience and directly relate it to their lives at home
  • End the trip with a closing ceremony
  • L’hitraot! 

The following is a sample itinerary. Locations and activities are subject to change.

Day 1 – Welcome ברוכים הבאים

  • Begin in Ne’ot Kedumim Biblical Landscape Reserve where you will plant a tree, try your hand at sheep herding, and deepen your understanding of the Land of Israel
  • Walk through the winding streets of Old Jaffa
  • Learn about the making of Israel as a modern state along the Independence Trail in downtown Tel Aviv

Overnight in Tel Aviv

Day 2 – The First Hebrew City

  • Tie tzitzit in an activity with the Masorti Movement
  • Explore the Ayalon Institute underground bullet factory
  • Stroll through the Nachalat Binyamin crafts fair and Shuk HaCarmel
  • Discover the streets of Tel Aviv through an interactive Graffiti Tour and Workshop

Overnight in Tel Aviv

Day 3 – Israel in Modern Times

  • Visit Rabin Square
  • Learn about the modern heroes of our nation at the newly remodeled ANU Museum
  • Experience the interactive exhibits at the Holon Children’s Museum (Dialogue in the Dark and Invitation to Silence)
  • Continue on to Jerusalem to view a panoramic lookout over the city

Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 4 – Bnei Mitzvah in Jerusalem

  • Celebrate Bnei Mitzvahs in the Old City
  • Visit the Davidson Center
  • Experience a Virtual Reality Tour of the Second Temple
  • Explore the Jewish Quarter
  • Tour the City of David and walk through Hezekiah’s Tunnel
  • Enjoy dinner and a Bnei Mitzvah Party

Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 5 – Yizkor יזכור

  • Tour Yad Vashem (Zoo alternative for children)
  • Experience the vibrancy of Shuk Machane Yehuda
  • Enjoy the melodies of Kabbalat Shabbat services at the Kotel

Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 6 – Shabbat in Jerusalem

  • Walk to Shacharit services at a choice of local synagogues
  • Visit local sites on a walking tour
  • Enjoy an optional pizza dinner at local legendary eatery Bardak
  • Join in an optional tour of the Western Wall Tunnels

Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 7 – Masada 

  • Ride a camel at Eretz Bereshit
  • Ascend Masada and learn about the heroes of the era
  • Swim and relax at the Dead Sea
  • Drive south to Kibbutz Ketura for a BBQ dinner and orientation

Overnight in Kibbutz Ketura

Day 8 – Beauty of the South

  • Take a short desert hike in the Eilat Mountains
  • Snorkel in the Red Sea at the Coral Beach Nature Reserve
  • Slide down the Kasui Sand Dunes at the Desert Solo Experience
  • Enjoy a dinner of Middle Eastern fare and a campfire kumsitz

Overnight in Kibbutz Ketura

Day 9 – Ben Gurion’s Vision

  • Take a walking tour of Kibbutz Ketura, including its algae factory and solar field
  • Bike to Ketura’s experimental orchards for a tour and tree planting
  • Explore Makhtesh Ramon in a jeep tour, and walk along the rim of Israel’s largest crater

Overnight in Mitzpe Ramon

Day 10 – Start-Up Nation

  • Hike into the canyon of Ein Avdat
  • Visit Ben Gurion’s hut and grave at Sde Boker
  • Taste your way through the fields and greenhouses of Shvil Hasalat
  • Enjoy a Goodbye Dinner at a local restaurant

Departure. L’hitraot! להתראות!

The following is a sample itinerary. Locations and activities are subject to change.

Day 1 – Departure to Poland

Day 2 – Beginnings

  • Explore 1000 years of Jewish life and culture in the Warsaw Jewish Cemetery
  • Tour the new POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews
  • Visit the only remains of the Warsaw Ghetto Wall
  • Dinner in a local restaurant

Overnight in Warsaw 

Day 3 – The Shtetl: What Was Lost

  • Drive to Tykocin and pray Shacharit in the refurbished synagogue, before exploring the shtetl
  • Continue to Lopuchowo Forest to honor those murdered and buried in mass graves by the Einsatzgruppen – mobile killing units
  • Finish the day at the infamous Treblinka Death Camp and the memorial, and pay our respects to the hundreds of thousands gassed there
  • Dinner in a local restaurant

Overnight in Warsaw

Day 4 – Hope is the Last to Die

  • Pray Shacharit in the Nożyk Synagogue
  • Explore the haunting Majdanek Concentration Camp
  • Travel to Krasnik and visit the crumbling double synagogue

Overnight in Lublin

Day 5 – Galicia: There Once Was a World

  • Pray Shacharit at Yeshivat Chachmei Lublin, one of the most important Talmudic academies 
  • Explore towns and shtetls in Galicia 
  • Discover Lancut and Tarnow, cities with rich Jewish history and beautiful architecture
  • Visit Zbylitowska Gora, the Children’s Forest, where even babies were murdered for the crime of being Jewish

Overnight in Krakow

Day 6 – The Banality of Evil

  • Walk through Auschwitz and nearby Birkenau (referred to as Auschwitz II)
  • Return to Krakow and prepare for Shabbat
  • Take part in Kabbalat Shabbat services at one of the synagogues in Krakow
  • Join in Shabbat dinner with members of the local community at the JCC

Overnight in Krakow

Day 7 – Shabbat in Krakow

  • Walk to Shabbat Shacharit services at one of the synagogues in Krakow
  • Tour the Old Jewish Quarter of Kazimierz
  • Discover the Wawel Castle in an optional walking tour
  • Final group dinner in a local restaurant
  • Visit more Krakow sites on a night tour – Ghetto Plaza, the remains of the Ghetto Wall, and Schindler’s Factory

Overnight in Krakow

Day 8 – Departure. L’hitraot! להתראות!

The following is a sample itinerary. Locations and activities are subject to change.

Day 1

  • Arrive at Casablanca Airport in the morning
  • Travel north and tour Meknes – the Agdal Basin, the Royal Stables, and the magnificent Bab Mansour Gate
  • Travel to Fes
  • Dinner at a local kosher provider

Overnight in Fes

Day 2

  • Enjoy a panoramic view of the city from Borj Sud Fortress
  • Explore the Mellah (old Jewish Quarter), including the Jewish cemetery, and Ibn Danan and El Fasian Synagogues
  • See the grand entrance of the Royal Palace
  • Explore the Medina and its winding alleyways
  • Visit some of the many artisan guilds of the city – ceramics, tannery, weaving, and carpets
  • Dinner at a local kosher provider

Overnight in Fes

Day 3

  • Travel south. crossing the mid-Atlas mountain range.
  • Stop for a coffee break in the alpine town of Ifrane
  • Spot the Barbary Macaques in the Azrou Forest
  • After a lunch break in Midelt, drive south
  • Dinner at the hotel

Overnight in Erfoud

Day 4

  • Take a pre-dawn jeep ride into the Sahara Desert to ride camels up the sand dunes and watch the sunrise
  • Return to the hotel for breakfast
  • Visit the Jewish cemetery of Erfoud
  • Venture into the Todgha Gorge with its majestic cliffs and rock formations
  • Travel to Ouarzazate
  • Dinner at the hotel

Overnight in Ouarzazate

Day 5

  • Explore the picturesque kasbah of Aït Benhaddou
  • Cross the Atlas Mountain Range via the Tizi n’Tichka Pass
  • Arrive in Marrakesh and prepare for Shabbat
  • Join the local Jewish community for Kabbalat Shabbat at the Gueliz Synagogue
  • Dinner at a local kosher provider

Overnight in Marrakesh

Day 6

  • Join the local Jewish community for Shabbat services at the Gueliz Synagogue
  • Lunch at a local kosher provider
  • In the afternoon, rest and relax at the hotel or go explore the city on your own
  • Dinner at a local kosher provider
  • Visit the vibrant Jemaa el Fnaa plaza and its colorful night market 

Overnight in Marrakesh

Day 7

  • View the beautiful Majorelle Gardens
  • Stroll through the gardens beside the magnificent Koutoubia Mosque
  • Visit the Mellah of Marrakesh, including the Al Azama Synagogue and the Jewish cemetery
  • Tour the Bahia Palace
  • Explore the many alleyways and shops in the Souk
  • Dinner at a local kosher provider
  • Take part in an optional evening program – Fantasia Folklore Show

Overnight in Marrakesh

Day 8

  • Visit an Argan oil cooperative
  • Travel to the seaside town of Essaouira
  • Tour the Mellah and local synagogues
  • Explore the Port and the Medina
  • Enjoy sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Dinner at the hotel

Overnight in Essaouira

Day 9

  • Drive north along the Atlantic Coast
  • Tour the magnificent Hassan II Mosque
  • Visit the Beit El Synagogue
  • Visit the Museum of Moroccan Judaism
  • Dinner at a local kosher provider

Overnight in Casablanca

Day 10 

  • Travel to Rabat
  • See the grand entrance of the King’s Palace and official residence in Rabat
  • Visit the mausoleum of the modern Moroccan kings and see the unfinished Hassan Tower
  • Explore the Kasbah of the Udayas
  • Visit the Mellah of Rabat, including a synagogue
  • Return to Casablanca
  • Dinner at a local kosher provider

Overnight in Casablanca

Day 11 Departure. L’hitraot! להתראות!

*This itinerary is subject to change based on dates and availability

Day 1 – Arrival In Budapest

  • Take a panoramic bus tour along Andrassy Avenue 
  • Stroll through Heroes’ Square, adorned with the impressive statues of kings and leaders stretching across a thousand years of Hungarian history
  • Enjoy the beautiful sights and lights of the city on an evening cruise on the Danube

Overnight in Budapest

Day 2 – Jewish Life And What Was Lost

  • Drive through the city from Pest to Buda and enjoy the panoramic views of Budapest 
  • Visit the largest synagogue in Europe, The Dohany Street Synagogue, and the Jewish Museum

Overnight in Budapest

Day 3 – Explore Budapest And Vienna, The City Of Music And Culture

  • Stroll along the fashionable Vaci Utca (Vaci Street),  Explore Margaret Island, an island in the middle of the Danube, overlooking the center of the city 
  • Visit Budapest’s urban City Park (Varosliget) and walk on the grounds of the Vajdahunyad Castle
  • Stroll through the City Park Lake,and spend time in the Budapest Circus or the Municipal Zoo
  • Learn about the Széchenyi Bath House or Gellert Bath House
  • Enjoy a day cruise on the Danube River

Overnight in Vienna

Day 4 – The Austrian Empire And Its Jewish Roots: Faith and Architecture

  • Take a panoramic orientation tour along the Ringstrasse
  • Visit the Prater Amusement Park, Peter’s Cathedral, and Stephen’s Cathedral
  • Explore the Jewish Museum of Vienna and see the collection of Klimt paintings at the Belvedere Palace
  • Stroll through the Judenplatz, the main square of the Jewish community for nearly 500 years

Tour the Vienna Temple (Stadtempel), the only surviving synagogue from pre-WWII daysOvernight in Vienna 

Day 5 – Explore Vienna, then to Prague

  • Explore the Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens, the former imperial summer residence of the Habsburg monarchs
  • Indulge in the best of Vienna’s delights in the city’s most popular food market, Nashmarket
  • Visit the Memorial to Austrian Holocaust Victims and learn about its excavations and the miraculous findings of the ancient synagogue of Vienna
  • Kabbalat Shabbat services at a local synagogue
  • Shabbat dinner with the local community

Overnight in Prague

Day 6 – Shabbat in Prague

  • Short walking tour of Jewish sites
  • Explore Prague on your own for the afternoon

Overnight in Prague 

Day 7 – Memory & Continuity

  • Visit Terezin, the town that was turned into the “model” ghetto and concentration camp
  • Free time in the late afternoon to explore the city on your own

Overnight in Prague

Day 8 – The Glory Of Jewish And Non Jewish Prague

  • Walking tour through Jewish Prague, including the Old Ghetto and the Precious Legacy Exhibit at the Jewish Museum
  • Ascend to the Prague Castle for a guided tour of the Castle and a walk along the Golden Lane
  • Walk through the Lesser Town and over the Charles Bridge, a historic bridge crossing the Vltava River 
  • Festive farewell dinner

Overnight in Prague

Day 9 – Return Home and L’hitraot!

*This itinerary is subject to change based on dates and availability

Day 1 – Madrid 

  • City tour of the famous sites of Madrid
  • Explore the Prado Museum, the national art museum of Spain
  • Tour the Royal Palace of Madrid, the official residence of the Spanish royal family, and the largest Royal palace in Europe

Overnight in Madrid

Day 2 – Toledo

  • Visit the Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca and the Synagogue of El Transito
  • Revitalize the synagogues through song and prayer

Overnight in Cordoba

Day 3 – Cordoba

  • Explore Cordoba – the city of the Rambam and Yehuda Halevi
  • Cross the Guadalquivir, walk on the Roman bridge, and enter the Old City and Jewish quarter 
  • See the statue of the Rambam and visit the synagogue named after him
  • Tour the Mezquita, a cathedral that was once the great mosque of Cordoba

Overnight in Granada

Day 4 – Granada

  • Visit the famous Alhambra Palace, the palace in which historic decision were made
  • Explore the Ambassadors’ Hall, the Lions’ courtyard, the Hadasim courtyard, and the Nazarie Palace
  • Walk in the beautiful Generalife gardens
  • See the Gypsy Flamenco Zambra dance show at Sacromonte Cave

Overnight in Granada

Day 5 – Gibraltar

  • Travel to Gibraltar, the British enclave known as “The Rock“
  • Ascend the Rock and see the Monkey Colony
  • Tour the stunning St. Michael’s Cave
  • Prepare for Shabbat in Gibraltar

Overnight in Gibraltar

Day 6 – Shabbat in Gibraltar

  • Shabbat services in one of Gibraltar’s four active synagogues
  • Walking tour of the Jewish areas of Gibraltar – see the synagogues, schools, and Jewish community past and present

Overnight in Gibraltar

Day 7 – Seville

  • Visit the Fort of Alcazar, a stunning former royal palace
  • See the magnificent Cathedral of Seville
  • Take a walking tour of the Jewish Quarter – also known as the Santa Cruz District – and stroll through the ancient lanes
  • Free time to walk through the Plaza España Square and the Parque de Maria Luisa

Overnight in Badajoz

Day 8 – Badajoz, Castello de Vide

  • City tour of Badajoz 
  • See the small town of Castello de Vide and the Jewish Quarter, with the oldest synagogue in Portugal, and learn about the ancient community there
  • Drive up to Marvão, the city of the hilltop citadel, and experience the magnificent view

Overnight in Belmonte

Day 9 – Belmonte, Troncoso

  • Tour Belmonte, the Jewish Museum, and local synagogue Bet Eliahu
  • See the Jewish Quarter of Guarda
  • Visit the synagogue and Jewish Museum in Troncoso

Overnight in Coimbra

Day 10 – Coimbra, Tomar, Sintra, Cabo de Roca

  • Explore Coimbra University, including visits to the Library of King Joao and the Fountains of Love and Tears
  • Drive to Tomar and see the ancient synagogue
  • Visit the pink town of Sintra with its gardens and palaces
  • Stop at Cabo da Roca, the westernmost extent of continental Europe, and enjoy the sweeping views of the Mediterranean

Overnight in Lisbon

Day 11 –  Lisbon

  • Tour of Lisbon sites in the Juderia – Jewish Quarter: The Alfama district, Avenue Liberdade and Rossio square
  • See the beautiful Jeronimos monastery
  • Visit the Shaarei Tikvah synagogue
  • Final Dinner

Shalom and L’hitraot – Return home