Admissions Criteria 

Applicants to the program must display sufficient academic, emotional, and social maturity, be in good health, and be willing to engage in the challenges of a dynamic observant Jewish community.

TRY is right for you if you are:

  • Excited to take ownership of your free time and ability to succeed in your courses. 
  • Able to get your homework and studying done without parental supervision. 
  • Prepared to live far from home in a structured environment. 
  • Ready to be held accountable for following directions and respecting rules and guidelines.
  • Able to handle the excitement and stress of new friendships, relationships, and dormitory living. 
  • In good mental and physical health, and have received the full COVID-19 vaccination..


Application Requirements

  • Completed online application
  • Recommendations from Teacher, Guidance Counselor and Rabbi/Educator
  • Interview (and, in some cases, a psychological evaluation)
  • Full transcript from the previous academic year and most recent report card
  • Application Essay
  • Study Authorization from the school guidance counselor or other school administrator
  • Submission of curriculum from home school

How to Apply

1. Learn about the program

Youtube, FB, IG, email

2. Apply

Our application can be found HERE

3. Pay your deposit

This will:

  • Reserve your spot
  • Open the remainder of the application
  • Enable you to submit financial aid request

4. Interviews

TRY is partnering with MyInterview, a platform that enables pre recorded interviews. Once the student and parent(s) complete their interviews (links to be provided in your online application), we may schedule a follow up zoom call with a member of our senior staff.

5. In order to be accepted, make sure you have:

  • Paid your deposit
  • Completed both interviews
  • Submited at least one reference
  • Submited your essay
  • Submited transcripts (via your guidance counselor)
  • Please note additional forms may be requested

6. Academic Review

Our goal is for you to return home, fully prepared to re-enter your classes.  This is what we need from you:

  • Speak with your guidance counselor about TRY.
  • Have each teacher provide a syllabus or table of contents indicating the material that will be covered during your semester abroad.
  • Email all of this information to our Director of Academics, jeffery@ramah.co.il
  • We will be in touch with your guidance counselor throughout the process as well

Let the fun begin!

Student Blue