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At Ramah, we are dedicated to providing transformative Israel education, which in turn builds lasting impact for Jewish youth and our future leadership. TRY, Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim is a semester of study open to Jewish youth from North America (10-12th graders) interested in learning about their heritage.

TRY provides unforgettable experiences and equips participants with valuable skills. TRY is designed to prepare our chanichim (students) to stand tall and confidently by applying their knowledge and education to all aspects of their lives.

We are happy to share some of our chanichim blogs with you.

Shabbat D’var Torah from Poland Masa

Every day we rely on our five senses: smelling, hearing, feeling, seeing, and tasting. Since Poland, I believe that these senses have been enhanced. I smelled the stench of leather shoes that my Jewish community walked their final steps in. I heard the cries of babies and young children as

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Resilience and the Importance of Decision Making

All I had heard about Masada before I went was how pretty the view was, and how strenuous the hike was. While I found both those things to be true, I have never heard much about the history which, to me, is now the most important part. Something that stood

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Israel: The Home We Made for Ourselves

TRY ‘24 is back! Poland was one of the most memorable experiences of my entire life. In my opinion, everyone should go to Poland at least once. As Betsalel said, “It’s our job to remember.” We should see first-hand what our ancestors went through, and we must share their stories.

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