Jerusalem Day Camp

About Us

Ramah Jerusalem Day Camp, the Israeli branch of “Ramah Camps” in North America, has over 45 years of experience in providing exciting and successful summer camps. 

The day camp is designed for kids entering kindergarten through 6th grade. The language of the camp is Hebrew. In the case that there is a large enough number of English-speaking kids who are interested in being in an exclusively English-speaking group, we will open such a group. If there is not, the English-speaking kids will be integrated within the Hebrew-speaking groups.

The camp takes place at the Israel Goldstein Youth Village in the San Simon neighborhood in Jerusalem,  (or in Hebrew, חוות הנוער הציוני (commonly referred to as the Chava). a pastoral and secure site which includes grassy areas, air-conditioned buildings, an auditorium, dining hall, sports facilities and a swimming pool.

The camp has a rich multidisciplinary program and includes morning snack and a hot lunch in the Chadar Ochel (dining hall). A wide variety of special activities are run by professional instructors, among them: zumba, sports, arts and crafts, theater, nature and more. These activities strengthen the participant’s talents and expose them to new fields in which they will be able to develop in the future. Visits to the pool take place three times a week and include swimming lessons according to levels as well as fun activities. The swimming pool has a certified lifeguard present at all times as well as swimming instructors and is approved by the necessary legal authorities. Apart from activities run by the permanent educational staff, external activities also take place, among them: performances and workshops, an inflatables day, outdoor challenges, a visit to kiftzuba and more.

In order to allow for quality activities and maximum responsibility, we organize the kids in small groups with certified counselors responsible for each group. In addition, an educated and experienced adult coordinator as well as a high school graduated assistant coordinator are responsible for each age group

To create a warm and supportive atmosphere.

To allow personal connections between counselors and participants.

To create a stable ground for bringing together the varied sectors of Israeli society from a young age, in the spirit of pluralistic Judaism all the while teaching mutual respect.

To combine artistic and athletic activities, fun and challenging experiences as well as educational activities such as encounters with disabled people, ecological activities and more.

To enable each participant to increase their self confidence by recognizing and developing their strengths.

Most importantly, our main goal is to maintain the safety and security of your children – enabling them to return home healthy and happy.

As part of the educational worldview of the Ramah summer camps in North America, our camp is also structured in the form of “chugim” / activities and special days.

Every day the campers take part in several different activities. Each activity is run by professional and skilled specialists.

During the summer, children acquire various skills and develop new hobbies, for example: fencing, swimming, arts and crafts, sports, Zumba and more.

In addition, every day at camp has a unique theme with experiential and educational activities, for example: Camping Day: the children set up tents and make pita.

Market Swap Day: The children exchange products, enjoy and learn about the importance of sustainability

Some of the activities are external attractions that are brought into our pastoral campus at the Israel Goldstein Youth Village: activities with animals, plays and performances, ODT activities, carnival Inflatables and more.

In addition, once per session, there is an outing from the compound to an outdoor amusement park (such as Kiftzuba)

7:45-8:15  Meet at the grove

8:15-8:30 Opening and Tefillah

8:30-9:30 Activity 1

9:30-10:00  Snack

10:00-12:00  Pool – lesson and free swim

12:00-13:00  Activity 2

13:00-14:00  Special Activity with counselors

14:00-15:00  Lunch (in the campus dining hall)

15:00 End and pick-up

A unique and exciting program for 4th to 6th graders

Twice in every session, fourth fifth and sixth grade campers stay at camp at the end of the day for 24 exciting hours

What does it include?
  • Building tents in the grove and sleeping outdoors
  • Private night swim at the pool
  • Campfire and BBQ
  • Fun group activities

The cost of the program is an additional 375 NIS per session. ( for Foreign Residents: $135)

The cost includes an adult staff who is present with the children 24 hours, medical escort and 24 hours security, dinner and breakfast and special activities

Sunday-Thursday 7:45-15:00

Ramah Jerusalem Day Camp 2023: July 23 – August 17 The cost for 4 weeks is $1,265  / For Israeli citizens: 3,460 NIS   

First session: July 23 – August 10 ,2023  $975  / For Israeli citizens: 2,590 NIS  
       4th Week: August 13 – August 17, 2023  $350  / For Israeli citizens: 950 NIS 

Additional payment for “Sayeret Ramah” for 4th to 6th graders:
            Sayeret dates : August 2, August 9 ,2023 $135  / For Israeli citizens: 375 NIS 

Discount for each additional sibling or Early Bird sessions until June 1, 2023
4 Weeks discount:          July 23 –  August 17,2023  $1,240 / For Israeli citizens: 3,300 NIS 

First session discount:    July 23  – August 10 ,2023   $950   / For Israeli citizens: 2,490 NIS 

*There are no double discounts

*There is no day camp on Tisha Be’Av (July 27, 2023)

Registration will open on MAY 01, 2023

 You are welcome to leave your email and we will send you a link as soon as registration opens!

For more information please contact us: 

Camp Ramah operates under the authorization of the relevant legal parties: the Ministry of Education and the Jerusalem Municipality. The camp takes place at the Youth Village which is surrounded by a fence and the entrances are protected by armed security guards approved by official security authorities. There is another armed security guard patrolling on site throughout the day as well as first-aid clinic in case of emergency.

The Ramah Jerusalem Day Camp is accredited and approved by the Jerusalem Municipality and the Ministry of Education. In order to be an accredited day camp, we must establish strict guidelines for administration, camp operation, policies and procedures, program quality, and the health and safety of campers and staff. We are proud to have met these standards of excellence

Free swim takes place almost daily at camp. Safety at our pools is our top priority. Israeli Certified Lifeguards guard the pool under specific guidelines. A high staff-to-camper ratio at the pool ensures that all campers are attended to, and our counselors are present both inside and outside the pool during free swim. Our goal is to ensure personal attention in a safe environment

Children are divided into an edah (division) according to grade. Leading each group are two or more mature counselors (entering at least 11th grade) who work under the direct supervision of the assistant director, an adult staff member with significant experience in teaching and youth work. Feel free to contact the office during the camp day if you have any concerns.

All staff participate in an intensive training program before the start of camp. Their education continues during the summer with ongoing discussion of group dynamics, the well-being of individual campers, programming, and logistics. The staff are there to ensure that your child feels safe, nurtured, happy and accepted by the camp community

Meet the staff here

Two counselors (aged 16 and above) are responsible for each group.

The counselors are chosen following a thorough selection process.

There is an adult coordinator (a person who has completed military or national service) with experience in education, responsible for each age group.

For English-speaking groups there are English-speaking counselors and a coordinator responsible for communicating with parents and tending to the children’s needs.

The specialized activities will be run by professional counselors in those fields.

The swimming pool has a certified lifeguard present at all times as well as swimming instructors and is approved by the necessary legal authorities


Counselors and Specialists

Our dynamic counselors and specialists are bilingual in Hebrew and English. Most have grown up in English-speaking families here in the greater Jerusalem area. All counselors have completed at least 11th grade, and specialists have completed high school or college. They are energetic, intelligent, love children, and love being Jewish. They are there to ensure that your child feels safe, nurtured, happy and accepted by the camp community

  • Hat

  • Water bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • For swim days: Swimsuit, towel and bathing cap for anyone with long hair


  • For the swimming pool: Goggles, flip flops

  • Sunglasses

  • Fruit/snack

On field trip days, campers must wear the camp t-shirt which we will  provide.

Please do not bring valuable items to camp

Please write your child/children’s names on their property.

The camp is not responsible for the loss or damage of the camper’s personal property.