Our Program

TRY (Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim) offers both full-semester and quarter-semester options. Our program is a fully accredited, international secondary school program. TRY offers 10th, 11th, and 12th graders the opportunity to live and learn in the land of Israel:

  • Make Israel your classroom.
  • Explore Israel through regular tiyulim and siyurim (trips and tours). 
  • Participate in community service projects and volunteering.
  • Learn Hebrew and speak with native speakers. 
  • Participate in daily prayer and attend diverse synagogues throughout Israel.
  • Spend time with friends and family in Israel. 
  • Take part in a Jewish Heritage Trip to Poland (Classic & TRY Quarter). 
  • Create meaningful connections with like-minded peers from all over North America.

TRY Quarter

  • Participate in an eight-week academic quarter.
  • Engage fully in TRY programming together with the classic semester program students. 
  • Visit Poland on a Jewish Heritage Trip.
  • Seniors in high school can spend part of their semester in Israel and then join their classmates back home in time for graduation. 
  • If you love TRY and want to stay on, extending for the full semester is an option. 

USY High

Don’t miss out on the USY experience.  TRY and USY High partner together to provide USYers with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and bring Israel home to their USY constituents.

On the USY High Leadership Track,  students will be exposed to additional learning and leadership opportunities with a trained and experienced USY educator.

All TRY participants are welcome to join our USY High Leadership Track at no additional cost.