Ramah Seminar

Dates & Rates

Sign up for Ramah Seminar and save BIG!* All eligible Seminar 2024 participants will receive $3,800 in savings thanks to a $3,000 voucher from RootOne and a $800 grant from Masa Israel Teen Journey. Click here for details.

* RootOne vouchers and Masa grants are in the final stages of approval for the 2024 season.

Seminar Dates 2024

  • Seminar Classic: July 1 – August 8, 2024
  • Poland Add-On: June 23 – June 30, 2024 


  • Seminar tuition includes the round-trip group flight from the New York area, fees and taxes, all room and board, laundry, health insurance, entry fees, a group t-shirt, and a photo. Tuition does not include transportation to or from the New York Airport, travel insurance, spending money, or any other optional purchases.

Tuition for Ramah Israel programs is listed in US dollars, and all payments must be made in USD.

  • $12,350 Seminar Classic 
  • $3,800 Poland Journey Add-On

Early Bird discounts are available for those who have completed their application and paid their deposit by October 15, 2023. Early bird discounts are as follows:

  • $100 Seminar Classic 
  • $50 Poland Journey 

Supplementary group flight costs:

  • TBD Round trip from LAX airport 
  • TBD Round trip from YYZ airport
  • TBD Round trip from ORD airport
  • TBD Round trip from MIA airport
  • NY/NJ group flights are included in the cost of tuition

Refund Policy and Payment Schedule

  • January 1 – Non-refundable deposit due  
  • January 5 – 1st installment of $3000 due.
  • January 5 – Ramah scholarship forms are due. 
  • March 1 – Group flights finalized.  
    • $2000 non refundable. 
    • All flight related forms are due.
  • March 15 – Full tuition due.
  • May 15 – Full tuition is non-refundable 
Upon cancellation, all applicants will be subject to a $50 application processing fee, regardless of the date of withdrawal.

Scholarships & Grants

All participants residing in North America will be eligible for a RootOne* Voucher (R1V) subsidy in the amount of $3,000 this coming kayitz, to ensure greater participation in our 2024 Ramah Israel Seminar! This significant reduction to our price will enable us to connect, explore and grow together in Israel.  More information regarding this subsidy to follow. By opting into this voucher, participants will be expected to participate in online Seminar-related assignments prior to the summer. 

*RootOne is seeded through the generosity of The Marcus Foundation and is powered by The Jewish Education Project. Please visit RootOne.org for more information.

All Ramah Seminar 2024 participants will be awarded a $800 grant from Masa Israel Teen Journey. Masa Israel Teen Journey is also sponsoring a unique, two-day Masa leadership program for participants and training for Ramah Seminar staff.

To check your eligibility CLICK HERE.

Ramah Israel and the Ramah Camps are strongly committed to making Seminar accessible to all participants, no matter the financial barrier. To this end, we have developed the Seminar Scholarship Fund, which will enable deserving participants, who would otherwise be unable, to come to Israel.

Scholarship applications are due on January 5, 2024.

Scholarship applications will be reviewed only upon reciveing initial $500 deposit.


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Past TRY students will receive a $1000 discount on Seminar tuition.


All applications will be reviewed by the Seminar team, in consultation with the North American Ramah camp directors. Ramah Seminar reserves the right to deny enrollment should the program deem that a participant cannot abide by the rules and standards of behavior as specified by Ramah Israel. Additionally, Ramah Seminar reserves the right to require a detailed report from a doctor and/or therapist; furthermore, Ramah reserves the right not to accept an application should our medical consultants decide that an applicant is not physically or emotionally capable.

Please note that tuition has been set with consideration of anticipated 2024 prices in fuel, land, and travel costs. If a significant change occurs in costs (especially with regard to airfare), an adjustment to tuition may be made to offer the program without compromising its quality.