Campus Life

Our Campus

Our program is located at the Israel Goldstein Youth Village (Chavat HaNoar HaTzioni, “the Chava”) in the San Simon neighborhood of Jerusalem. 

Facilities include: 

  • Dorm and cafeteria
  • Gym, basketball courts, tennis courts and soccer field
  • Indoor pool
  • Library
  • 24/7 security
  • Walking distance from a shopping plaza with a bank/ATM, money changer, coffee shop, falafel stand, and laundromat.

Extracurricular Activities — פעילויות חברתיות

  • Va’adot (Committees) – Take ownership of your experience and join or create one of our Va’adot: tefilla (prayer services), birthday celebrations, Shabbatot, music, etc.
  • Mifgashim (Encounters) – Participate in organized mifgashim, such as a night out with Noam (Israel’s movement for Masorti youth), an intimate Shabbat experience at a home in the religious community of Efrat, and meeting with Israeli-Arab youth in the north of the country.
  • Volunteering – We will work with a variety of organizations and offer additional volunteer hours for those who need to fulfill specific requirements.
  • USY High – Gain leadership skills, learn more about Israel, and develop a deeper connection with Judaism. Join the USY High Leadership Track.